Fundamentals of Payroll®

Fundamentals of Payroll®

“The Fundamentals of Payroll online instructor-assisted course fit into my schedule unlike a classroom course. I prefer the self-paced course and appreciated the instructor’s deadlines that kept me on track. The tools available online were outstanding and really made learning enjoyable. I highly recommend Fundamentals of Payroll!”

Tracy Chapman, Payroll Manager
Accor North America


The Fundamentals of Payroll course offers two learning options: self-directed or instructor-assisted.

Important note: On April 1, 2017, Fundamentals of Payroll becomes PayTrain Fundamentals. Click here for more information on PayTrain Fundamentals 2017.

Self-Directed Course

  • Course includes printed textbook and web-based software
  • Allows you to study when and where it’s most convenient
  • Ideal for self-starters and those with unpredictable schedules
  • Anticipate spending approximately 24 hours to complete the course

Instructor-Assisted Course

  • Course includes printed textbook, online software, and online instruction
  • Online instructor provides weekly assignments and feedback
  • Discussion boards and an “Ask the Instructor” feature provide interaction and feedback opportunities
  • The course syllabus helps eliminate procrastination, ensuring completion of the course in a specified period of time
  • Anticipate spending 3 hours/week for 8 weeks to complete the course
2017 Instructor-Assisted Schedule
For FALL 2017 or SPRING 2018 FPC exam preparation


Please note: Purchase Fundamentals of Payroll 2016 materials if you are preparing for the Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 FPC exam or if you are using the program for professional development (not certification preparation). See below if you are an international or military purchaser. Purchasers of Fundamentals of Payroll 2016 will have access to the online portion of the program through September 20, 2017.

International and military purchasers: If you are preparing to take the FPC certification exam at an international testing site or a military testing center before September 1, 2017, please contact Mike Downs to determine which preparation materials to purchase. Email Mike Downs at or call +1-888-852-6664 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CT).