PREPARE: Online FPC and CPP Exam Prep

With many of us working remotely or in some sort of isolation, it’s more important than ever to focus on personal well-being and goals.

If you have a goal of professional development or FPC or CPP certification, stay on track with the PayTrain® programs. PayTrain® Fundamentals and PayTrain® Mastery are offered entirely online, allowing you to study and learn from wherever you are. And if you’d prefer having extra guidance, you can choose to have an online instructor lead you through your studies. This is a virtual, online exam preparation option to help you succeed on the FPC and CPP exams.

TEST: Take the FPC or CPP Exam From Home OR In Person

Did you know that you can take your test from the comfort of your home or office with the remote proctoring option? It’s true, both the FPC and CPP exams are now offered remotely. If you’d rather take the exam in person, no worries, that option is still available too.

For more details on remote proctoring, in person testing, and the certification exam windows, visit PAYO’s website.

Which PayTrain Program Should You Choose?

PayTrain Fundamentals

PayTrain® Fundamentals might be right for you if:

  • You’re new to payroll
  • You need to learn skills for basic payroll processing
  • You want to earn your FPC

PayTrain Mastery

PayTrain® Mastery might be right for you if:

  • You already have payroll experience
  • You want to develop skills critical to payroll leadership
  • You want to earn your CPP

Find My PAYO Certification Study Path

Not sure which PAYO Certification or PayTrain® course option is right for you? Answer a few questions, and we’ll give you a recommendation.

Self-Study or Guided-Study?

Man with coffee and table_SS

Study at your own pace, where and when it’s convenient, with comprehensive reading materials and interactive study tools.

woman with coffee and laptop_GS

Guidance from an online instructor with the comprehensive reading materials and interactive study tools.

Why Is This Training Important?

The PayTrain programs help you manage many of the daily payroll challenges you face, including:
  • Understand Form W-4
  • Calculate overtime pay and regular rate of pay under the FLSA
  • Decide when a fringe benefit is taxable, partially taxable, or excluded from income
  • Determine when an employee meets white-collar exemptions requirements
  • Ensure your organization is correctly calculating federal income tax based on Publication 15-T