A well-trained team builds trust and credibility.

Provide your team with the training they need to understand your payroll issues. Developed by the PayrollOrg (APA), PayTrain® Fundamentals is designed to meet the specific educational needs of people working in payroll-related businesses.

PayTrain® Fundamentals will help ensure their knowledge is aligned with the most recent payroll legislation, trends and best practices.

PayTrain® Fundamentals is the affordable way to:

  • Increase your team’s knowledge and confidence.
  • Build trust and credibility with clients.
  • Retain talented employees.
  • Take advantage of volume discounts.

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3 Reasons to Choose PayTrain Fundamentals for your Team


  • Online training eliminates the time and expense of travel
  • Volume discounts are available on three or more enrollments


  • Online access allows your team to study when and where their
    schedules allow
  • Two study options allow you to choose what works best for your team


  • Quizzes, tests, flashcards and games reinforce concepts and make learning fun
  • Group and individual tracking reports allow you to monitor your team’s progress and make sure they’re staying on track

  PayTrain Fundamentals aligns with the content tested on the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) exam.

PayTrain Fundamentals

  • Learn the knowledge and skills required for basic payroll processing.
  • Ideal for payroll practitioners and those supporting the payroll industry.
  • FPC exam preparation.

The content is divided into ten modules and covers the introductory study of:

– Module 1: Payroll Concepts
– Module 2: Calculations of Pay
– Module 3: Calculations of Deductions and Net Pay
– Module 4: Fringe Benefits and Other Payments
– Module 5: Retirement Plans
– Module 6: Cafeteria Plans
– Module 7: Payroll Reporting and Employment Taxes
– Module 8: Record Keeping and Payroll Practices
– Module 9: Payroll Accounting and Audits
– Module 10: Payroll Administration

Online access to modules and interactive games, tests, and exercises.

Implementation Options

PayTrain Fundamentals can be implemented in self-study or guided-study format.


Participants receive their own program to complete at their pace on their schedule. This includes online access to comprehensive training materials, including learning modules and interactive quizzes, calculations, exercises, and flashcards.


APA instructor provides online weekly assignments and feedback to support the content in the program. Course includes comprehensive learning modules along with interactive study exercises, quizzes, calculations, and flashcards.

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Phone: 651-905-2609 or 1-888-852-6664 (toll-free)

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Participant Materials

PayTrain Fundamentals is updated annually to ensure that participants have the latest and most accurate payroll information. The content is organized to provide a logical flow of information for participants and a more enjoyable and effective learning experience. Each participant receives online access to the content, interactive games, tests, and exercises as well as printed textbooks.

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